We are professionals serving professionals!  We get it.  We have been there too.  There are so many different layers to identity involved with being a professional in the community where you live and thrive.  We understand the stigma for professionals to reach out for help, when your clientele think you are the one that has it all together.  You can still be professional without being perfect!

Just some of the issues our professionals reach out for help to work through:


  • Depending on your profession, it might be awkward to run into clients in the community.  

  • Clients might try to cross boundaries in public.  

  • What about social media?  

  • What happens when your children become friends with your client's children?  

  • Feeling burnt out with your career and trying to find a direction or motivation?  This happens too.

  • Are you wanting to grow your business or career and feel stuck or limited with your current resources?

  • Having a career in a rural community

In order to best serve our professionals, we offer discreet appointments to ensure identity protection.  We also offer tele-health options for our professionals.  We do require the first session to be face-to-face, where we can determine if tele-health is an appropriate means for services.  Although, we are located in West Central Minnesota, we work with professionals in various locations.

Not looking for counseling, but needing consultation?  We are here for that too.

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We are here to listen, help & heal.

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