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Family Therapy

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that is when I need it the most." 

Each stage of the family life cycle comes with its own set of challenges and skills that need mastering by all members of the family.  Navigating the stages of the family life cycle can be a smooth process if one is able to master the skills and milestones of each stage allowing them to move on to the next.  A family structured with an executive system (elders and parents) that provides both unconditional love and structured guidance with a fair, firm, and consistent manner can ideally provide effective guidance on the journey through life.  A family system that provides a safe and secure attachment allows for younger generations to explore the world and themselves with a confident demeanor.  Clearly being able to define boundaries and needs within the context of the family and effectively communicate these boundaries and needs can empower families to be resilient.

Families most often seek out therapy or counseling services due to a "problem" in the family.  Something has triggered the system to develop unhealthy patterns of interacting and often one or more family member has become symptomatic with behaviors or problems.  As family therapists, we look at the patterns that enable the problem(s).  Often, these dysfunctional patterns that have been engaged in for such a lengthy period of time that the system is highly reactive to the struggle ultimately being unable to break the patterns.  Identifying the symptoms and patterns, interrupting the cycle, and developing new patterns of functioning often leads to growth and healing for the system and redirects the family in their journey


Our families provide a rich and humbling source of meaning in our lives.  These relationships are complex and easily mismanaged which often makes our family relationships a source of conflict and stress in our lives as well.   Family therapy focuses on learning to heal and grow the relationships that matter most; family.  Factors such as stress, trauma, illness, financial difficulties, death, divorce, remarriage, and blending of families digress from the normal process of the family life cycle.  Special skills are needed to navigate these stressors in the family life cycle.  Resilient families learn to develop the skills needed to navigate these difficulties.  

North Country Counseling services are provided by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, specifically trained to meet the unique needs of family systems.  Through family therapy, families find the tools they need to thrive as a whole.  With guidance, they learn to be more intentional in applying the skills they have and build on the strengths of things that are already working.  In other instances, family therapy creates a safe space where family members can heal deep wounds that may have gone unresolved for decades.  Where ever your family is experiencing distress, trust that healing and growth are possible.  In family therapy, your family will work as a unified group to find solutions to family conflicts.

"Family; like branches of a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."
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