Tele-Health Therapy

North Country Counseling is offering tele-health therapy to better serve the needs of our clients in rural Minnesota and South Dakota.  Virtual visits allows providers to deliver behavioral health services virtually while the patient is at one site and the qualified provider is at a distant site.  Online therapy services should be utilized when barriers prevent the client and therapist from meeting in the same place, such as distance, availability of services in client's region, certain mental health disorders, societal issues, and certain health conditions.  North Country Counseling utilizes Simple Practice for tele-health.  It is a simple, convenient platform that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our Tele-health platform can be access in a web browser or through the telehealth app that may be downloaded to your tablet or phone.  We will email you a secure link 48 hours prior to your session.  

Simple Practice Application download



What clients need to know about tele-therapy:

  • You need a private, confidential space free of distractions to attend session

  • You must be located in the state in which your provider is licensed

  • You can use your smartphone, tablet or a personal computer to attend sessions

  • You need a secure, high-speed, and password protected internet connection

  • Most tele-health services are covered by your medical insurance

  • Online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy

  • Virtual therapy can be utilized for individual, couples and family counseling services

  • Professionals benefit from tele-health services as it allows them to obtain services with less time away from the office​

North Country Counseling's virtual therapy services are offered throughout Minnesota and South Dakota.  

For more information about e-visits, eligibility for services and coverage please contact our office at 320.428.0744 or email