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Tele-Health Therapy

North Country Counseling is offering tele-health therapy to better serve the needs of our clients in rural Minnesota and South Dakota.  Virtual visits allows providers to deliver behavioral health services virtually while the patient is at one site and the qualified provider is at a distant site.  Online therapy services should be utilized when barriers prevent the client and therapist from meeting in the same place, such as distance, availability of services in client's region, certain mental health disorders, societal issues, and certain health conditions.  North Country Counseling utilizes Simple Practice for tele-health.  It is a simple, convenient platform that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our Tele-health platform can be access in a web browser or through the telehealth app that may be downloaded to your tablet or phone.   

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What clients need to know about tele-therapy:

  • You need a private, confidential space free of distractions to attend session

  • You must be located in the state in which your provider is licensed

  • You can use your smartphone, tablet or a personal computer to attend sessions

  • You need a secure, high-speed, and password protected internet connection

  • Most tele-health services are covered by your medical insurance

  • Online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy

  • Virtual therapy can be utilized for individual, couples and family counseling services

  • Professionals benefit from tele-health services as it allows them to obtain services with less time away from the office​

Benefits of tele-therapy

  • Accessibility 

    • Client's can be seen anywhere in the state

    • Some states allow clients to be seen while on vacation

    • Client's don't have to be in the same location

    • Be seen from the comfort of your own home while you are on bedrest or facing illness

    • Don't miss appointments because you can't travel to the office

  • It's covered by your health insurance

  • Flexiblity 

    • Be seen over your lunch hour

  • Convenience

  • Comfort

    • Be where you feel comfortable

  • Secure

    • We use a HIPAA compliant platform to conduct services

    • Our software offers a secure patient portal to complete all paperwork and participate in video sessions

  • Effective

    • Research shows Online Counseling works

    • It can be just as effective as face-to-face counseling

  • Consistency

    • Miss less sessions due to illness, transportation difficulties, etc​

Types of Clients that can benefit from tele-threapy

  • Teens/Adolescents/Children -

    • Sessions can be held during study hall or school breaks 

    • Less time missed from school to travel to and from appointments.

  • Couples/Families

    • Don't have to be in the same location​

    • Can meet over your partners lunch hour or break times

    • Ability to connect from multiple devices

    • Ability to have physical space from each other during times of conflict and still have couples session

  • Pregnancy/Postpartum 

    • Meet while you are on bed rest

    • Meet during hospitalization

    • Meet while you are at home with your new baby adjusting to parenthood

  • Eating Disorders

  • Body Image

  • Professionals

  • Anxious Clients

  • Depressed clients

  • Chronic pain client

We understand that doing counseling over the computer or iPad can be an adjustment.  If it's not for you after you try it, we completely understand. Furthermore, if you have thought about trying therapy in the past, tele-therapy provides an easier opportunity to try therapy and see if it's a good fit for you!

North Country Counseling's online therapy services are offered throughout Minnesota and South Dakota.

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