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Sliding Fee Discount Program

North Country Counseling offers a Sliding Fee for eligible services, regardless of one's ability to pay for them.  With a sliding fee, we offer discounted rates to people who have low incomes and are uninsured or under-insured.  Medication management services are not available for a sliding fee scale.  

We offer the following financial options should cost be a barrier for seeking services:


  • A sliding fee scale based on the 2024 federal poverty guidelines.

  • A limited amount of financial hardship openings.

  • A limited amount of pro-bono spaces when Interns are available.

Please discuss these options with our billing department prior to scheduling an appointment or with your Therapist.

What is a sliding fee?

Our sliding fee services offered at rates that are discounted from our usual and customary rates, as determined but he recipient's ability to pay.  Depending on the recipient's family size and household income, rates for services are discounted.  See table below.

What does under-insured mean?

The recipient's insurance does not pay for a service that is medically-necessary, and the client cannot afford to pay the standard rate;

The recipient's insurance pays of rate medically necessary service, but the insurance requires a co-pay or deductible or other fee for the services that the recipient cannot afford;

The recipient is uninsured, but may be waiting for coverage to start or, for reasons beyond his or her control, does not have insurance.

What are the income limits and discounts?

Discounts are calculated based on household size and income.  The chart here shows what portion of the fee the recipient will be asked to pay.  Discounts are based on household income as compared to the federal poverty rate for family size. 


Can I use the sliding fee for deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, medical assistance, or spend downs?

No, these are contractual relationships with your insurance company.  We can offer a payment plan if these are a barrier to seeking care for your mental health.  Please contact us with questions to establish a payment plan.

How do I qualify and apply for sliding fees?

1. Complete an application which can be requested by calling or emailing our office

2. Submit the application along with required documentation to verify income and eligibility to our office via mail or fax.

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